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Easily create a referral system that will grow your mailing list on autopilot.


Grow the only platform you own.

With email, there's no algorithms stopping your subscribers from hearing from you.

Growing a quality mailing list will make sure you'll have a direct line to your perfect audience. The conversion rate for email is higher than every social platform out there.

With RabbitRabbit, you can make your newsletter spread like wildfire - by rewarding your subscribers for referring others.



We'll personally help you to connect it to your existing mailing list platform. Easily insert your subscribers personal referral link in each email.


Choose the digital and physical rewards that will incentivize your subscribers to share your landing page with their peers. Your readers will be able to keep track of their journey on their unique referral page.



Fully automated reminders and incentive emails are sent at just the right time - to inspire sharing. Digital rewards are sent automatically.

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